Statewide Reach Codes Program

The Reach Codes subprogram of the California Statewide Codes & Standards Program

As part of the Statewide Codes & Standards Program, the Reach Codes Subprogram helps cities and counties leverage their unique authority to adopt ordinances that require increased efficiency and performance beyond the state’s minimum requirements. In addition to differentiating the jurisdiction as an efficiency leader, local energy ordinances accelerate the adoption of new equipment, technologies, code compliance, and energy-savings strategies to help pave the way for future code cycles. The Reach Codes Subprogram, implemented by PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE, responds directly to California’s policy goal to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Collaboration and Support for Local Governments

Our experts develop robust toolkits as well as provide specific technical assistance to local jurisdictions (cities and counties) considering adopting energy reach codes. These include cost-effectiveness research and analysis, model ordinance language and other code development and implementation tools, and specific technical assistance throughout the code adoption process.

The Reach Codes subprogram is a resource available to any local jurisdiction located throughout the state of California, regardless of who their energy providers are. We work closely with city and county policy teams from planning and building departments, sustainability programs, and economic development experts.

  • SDGE - A Sempra Energy Utility
  • Southern California Edison - An EDISON INTERNATIONAL® Company
  • PG&E Corporation

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